We believe that learning is not about cramming at the last minute for exams or having to relearn everything under the sun, it's about building a consistent learning habit towards mastery. Launchpad enables students to do just that.

We live in a time that has caused our children to face situations we have never had to face before. This global pandemic has created new norms like sanitising every two minutes instead of being able to play freely in the playground or not being able to see your friends’ full facial expressions because every interaction in school happens behind a mask.

Beyond these social changes that can be a challenge to adapt to, one of the biggest effects caused by the pandemic is the huge learning loss. Children today have fallen behind in their studies and are facing between 6 to 24 months of learning loss from school closures. The inability to bridge these gaps may have major consequences for our children's dreams, ambitions, and future.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, these gaps aren’t going to be closed in a day. That is why there is an urgent need to find ways to effectively help all children get back on track with their learning. 

More than just getting back on track, there is an important need for space and time to master these new lessons and gain deeper understanding. This is similar to playing an instrument. You practise the basic piece repeatedly, and only when you have mastered the basics do you move to a more advanced one. Essentially, what’s happening is that you are taking time to build a strong foundation in this area of learning. 

Filling in the gaps and building a strong foundation to master any new skill, takes time. Without the opportunity to do this, there can be consequences for our children's dreams, ambitions, and future. That is why our team, together with our dedicated content providers and partners, came together to come up with a solution. 

Presenting…. Launchpad! 

Launchpad is a learning app designed to create a better learning experience for students. It allows access to more quality content and enables students to learn sustainably by giving them rewards to help them get back on track.

Launchpad equips students with a comprehensive library of lessons according to topics that cover the entire curriculum! It also provides personalised recommendations so that students can catch up with learning at their own pace and build a consistent learning habit towards mastery

Designed to supercharge learning, here are some key features of Launchpad that will help students master their learning:

1. Providing quality education for all, for free.

Quality education aims to ensure the development of a fully-rounded human being & one of the most powerful tools in lifting socially excluded children and adults out of poverty and into society. (UNESCO)

We believe that digital learning should be a basic service, not a luxury item - quality education should be made accessible to everyone and our technology enables this. Launchpad connects every student to quality education by providing personalised learning and engaging lessons from credible partners. Together with our content partners like Pelangi, Teach for Malaysia, MyReaders, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, YTL Foundation and CIMB Foundation, all our lessons are made available for free on our mobile app to access whenever, wherever. 

2. Master learning, topic by topic.

Providing learners with an opportunity to fail at guessing can actually improve learning quality. (Raptivity, 2018)

The way to master learning is to enable students to move forward at their own pace as they gain core knowledge, skills, and dispositions. With Launchpad, students can go through a comprehensive library of lessons topic by topic, picking up key concepts before the move on to the next.  All of the content is arranged by topics mapped to the Malaysian syllabus for Standard 1 to Form 5. 

Interactivity comes in handy to test students’ knowledge and to reinforce key concepts. That’s why Launchpad includes a variety of content formats to cater to all learning styles. By going through different videos, notes and quizzes, learning is made interactive and engaging for all students.

3. Personalised recommendations for every learner

A self-paced classroom is one where students can complete learning tasks at a speed that’s customised to their personal levels of mastery. (Bray & McClaskey, 2010)

When it comes to mastering learning, students must know exactly what they should work on every day and be able to consistently track their progress. This is why Launchpad helps identify learning gaps and provides personalised recommendations to help students plug their gaps. 

Instead of having to rush through learning content without ever acknowledging the learning gaps, it is important that students know where their gaps are so that they can master them before they move forward to the next topic. By tracking progress and analysing students’ performance, Launchpad is able to help students understand their learning gaps and recommend areas of focus.

4. A learning app that rewards effort while building consistency

Consistency is key for students to be able to participate in learning more effectively when they have a clear understanding of lessons and their importance. (My Academy, 2020)

We know learning requires effort but we believe effort reaps rewards. Launchpad helps build a consistent learning habit by rewarding effort.

Having a consistent learning habit is much more rewarding over time as it gives students the time and space to understand concepts and skills. In the long run, it definitely feels much better having learnt at the right pace than trying to cram in all the learning just before an exam! 

Learn daily to collect stars that will help you earn badges and claim monthly rewards such as mobile data from our telecommunications partner, Yes. There’s nothing more motivating than being able to see daily progress and being rewarded for the effort put in!

Launchpad makes learning exciting for students, and also gives teachers and parents a better understanding of what students need to fill in their learning gaps. Supercharge your learning with Launchpad today!

Download Launchpad at the Google App Store and Apple App Store today.

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