It is important for teachers to develop new skills and learn new ways to engage students in learning. Teacher communities or PLCs provide teachers a space to learn from each other, exchange teaching ideas and seek encouragement or support.

Watch this video featuring teachers empowering students from SJKC Choong Cheng, a rural and under-enrolled school in a fishing village in Kedah; SK (Felda) Lok Heng Selatan in Johor; and SK Sg Lalang in Kedah.

“It takes courage, as a teacher, to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn.”

It takes courage, as a teacher, to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn. Years of experience in the system may not guarantee your ability to engage students in learning and provide them with the tools they need for an unknown future. However, if you continuously take small steps in learning new strategies and experimenting with new approaches in the classroom, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a great teacher who empowers students. Teacher communities are a great place to start as it provides a safe space for teachers like you to learn from each other, exchange resources and seek support from one another. 

Finding Solace in Teacher Communities

In the current digital age, you will never need to struggle alone in your journey of educating and empowering children of the future. 

Teacher communities help teachers from around the world to connect and help each other through tough times. This was especially true during the pandemic school closures when teachers had to pull together for support and encouragement. Like yourself, many teachers had to suddenly navigate the world of online learning and learn to use new digital tools – for most, it was the first time. Fortunately, the Internet was buzzing with teachers making themselves available online to not only exchange new skills but also to just be there for each other. Here’s an example of a librarian from Peru who started a digital book club to help her school teachers feel motivated to start the day.

Source: Sarah Ducharme, @sducharme via Twitter

...will help you feel more confident about trying something new in your own classroom.”

There’s a Place for All-Kinds of Interests

If you are interested in a learning app or a new teaching strategy, we promise you’ll be able to find a teacher community that focuses on that specific interest. 

There are many teacher communities that are driven towards a common goal such as integrating technology into the classroom, applying cooperative strategies in STEM lessons or engaging special needs students. Listening to different teachers exchanging their ideas and solutions to overcome challenges with implementing something new in the classroom will help you feel more confident about trying something new in your own classroom. At FrogAsia, we’ve run multiple masterclasses, trainings, and webinars inviting a mix of experts and beginner teachers to share their insights on the future of education and enriching lessons with the use of technology.

Source: FrogAsia Facebook

“Almost always, these resources are available online for free.”

A Treasure Trove for Free Resources

However, if you’re not ready to connect and commit your time to be online with other teachers – you can always start by using the available learning resources shared in these teacher communities.

Teacher communities are a great place for you to find a variety of learning materials and resources for your classroom. Almost always, these resources are available online for free. You can easily Google for your specific needs! Or go to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to find many teachers sharing tips & tricks, lesson plans, worksheets or templates to help make your lessons cooler. During the pandemic school closure, YTL Foundation, powered by us at FrogAsia with the help of other educational partners, developed over 1000 ready-to-use digital lessons to help Malaysian teachers run online lessons.

Source: YTL Foundation website

Join a Teacher Community, today!

Now that you’ve heard about all the good things that a teacher community has to offer, you’re ready to take the first step! 

Teacher communities offer teachers, just like you, a safe space to grow as an educator and learn different ways to enrich the learning experiences for our students. Also, it is never too late to start and there’s no step too small.

If you’re a teacher in Malaysia, come join our digital teacher community and learn from like minded teachers who are looking for ways to keep lessons engaging with the use of digital tools. Learn from engaging bite-sized tips on social media, attend online training sessions and get to know other teachers at our digital meet-ups.  Learn more by following us on our social media @frogasia

See you soon!

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