The way children perceive their world and how their character develops is influenced by their environment. To raise children who can make a positive difference in their world, parents and teachers need to collaborate to create a consistent environment for moral development at home and at school. Here are three ways to start.

“Our children are counting on us to provide two things: Consistency and structure…” says Barbara Coloroso, a renowned parenting author of five international bestselling books.

The building blocks of a good foundation
The building blocks of a good foundation

One way of building that consistency and structure is in a child’s environment between the two places they spend the most time in: school and at home. For this to be possible, collaboration is needed between the leaders of both spaces. Parents at home and teachers in school.

This is especially applicable when building an environment that nurtures good character. More than supporting students towards academic achievement, parents and teachers play a crucial role in setting the right foundation for character development in children. Character-based education fosters well-rounded individuals who are able to exercise wisdom and integrity in any situation that life throws at them. If we want to raise children who are good citizens and able to make a positive difference in their world, it starts with consistent moral education.

While there are many factors that contribute to a child’s sense of identity and value systems, teamwork between parents and teachers are a significant part of the equation in raising future generations because there is reinforcement both at home and in school for good morals.

Raising children with good character and strong morals

The way children perceive their world and how their character develops is highly dependent on what they learn from their environment. The fastest way children learn anything is through observation and that includes picking up certain values and behaviours from adult role models and peers. That leaves teachers and parents with a huge responsibility. While we can’t expect perfect parenting or teacher role models, we can do our best to create the right environment for children to thrive under our care.

Setting the right environment is possible through:

In conclusion, we know that education should be more than textbook facts and theories. It takes a collaborative effort between teachers and parents and consistency in passing down the right values that will help children navigate life.

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