Leap right back into the school year with confidence. Frog for students now comes with a Revision Dashboard and Boost for Students. That means easy access to assignments and to self-study, learning resources, and more!

Welcome back! To help students start their school year, Frog for students has been given an upgrade!

The upgraded Revision Dashboard

New Year, New Dashboard

As soon as students login, the first thing they’ll see is a new dashboard called the Revision Dashboard. The Revision Dashboard gives students easy access to their assignments and to self-study.

Never forget to submit an assignment again!

Whenever a student has homework due, it is displayed in the assignment calendar of the dashboard.

Take charge of their own learning!

A student is able to explore ahead of their class or review previous learnings through Boost for Students digital lessons. There are 25 subjects to choose from and are all aligned to the school curriculum.

Practice makes perfect!

Students can launch FrogPlay to access quizzes wherever they want to review their learning before, during or after a lesson. With over 75,000 quizzes to choose from and the ability to retake quizzes, a student will be a pro learner in no time!

Start Fresh with Boost for Students

Boost for Students comes with learning resources, class activities and topical quizzes. Each lesson is organised and contains various learning resources and class activities. At the end of the lesson, a topical quiz is provided to help students test their understanding! Once completed, their quiz result is indicated below the lesson preview on Boost for Students’ main page.

That way, a student is reminded of their level of understanding and to revise that lesson again, if needed.

Searching for online lessons has never been easier!

Start by scrolling down the main page for a lesson or by typing keywords in the search box. If a student needs help getting started, Frog also suggests lessons to explore. Simply click “start lesson” and be taken directly to a Boost lesson.

Excited to get started? Log in to the Frog VLE today!

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