The 7 awesome updates you were probably hoping for, is now yours to enjoy on this version of the Frog VLE. Teachers, say hello to personalised assessments. Students, get more variety in your learning and assessments. It’s a win-win!

Hooray! This upgrade allows teachers to personalise and manage assessment on Frog. Students can also experience more variety to their learning and assessments. It’s a win-win!

Here's what's new on the Frog VLE:

Markbook enables teachers to create class charts to easily access and review progress of the class against assignments or assessments that have conducted across the year.  Teachers can also create columns for offline or non-Frog assessment to consolidate class assessment results within each chart, to enable convenient management and review of individual student’s progress within each class.

On top of FrogPlay’s picture choice or match pairs question type, we are also adding a Hotspot widget to be paired alongside resources in a site.  With hotspot widget, students can click on points or sections on an image selected by the teacher to check for their understanding of a topic.  Teachers can also pair feedback at each point to elaborate more on the object.

Teachers can use the Action widget to ensure students attempted or completed an activity before progressing to the subsequent lesson content.

For fans of Youtube videos as a learning resources, we have now also added in the YouTube widget to enable convenient embedding of YouTube videos in your lesson sites.

For those wanting to use sites as an image gallery can now check out an additional image display widget called Image Carousel widget.

This VLE upgrade has included Layout styles, a customisable site content layout.  Now, each content layout can be added with different styles to give different emphasis and context to a site content.

Widgets are also now in categories, enabling you to easily access the most commonly used widgets, or conveniently search for widgets of your choice from widgets grouped under a common goal, such as Activities category or Media & Files category.

Check them out on the Frog VLE. Login today!

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