Every time school reopens for physical classes, the race to catch-up in lessons begins. Frog Assignment and Markbook are two features in the Frog VLE that can help provide teachers with a more structured and guided homework and assessment strategy.

Every time school reopens for physical classes, the race to catch-up in lessons begins. To ensure that this transition happens well for students, the ministry has implemented a few changes to the school calendar with shortened holidays to help teachers and students catch up with lost time.

According to the Malaysia education blueprint, “the gap between Malaysia’s system and these others is therefore growing. Secondly, international assessments suggest that Malaysian student performance is declining in absolute terms.”

Part of the goals mentioned within the blueprint is to benchmark student outcomes and learning practices against other high-performing nations so that they’re globally competitive. But what does this mean for teachers today? Teachers need a more structured and guided homework and assessment strategy.

Closing the education gap through technology

Over the pandemic, students spent time away from school and part of the challenges teachers had to face is unmet expectations as students were inconsistent in submitting homework. This could be due to limitations at home like devices, internet and knowledge gaps on how to access online lessons. This shows the importance of technology in education - its purpose is to help ensure that no child is left behind under any circumstances.

For example, if a student is committed and capable of learning online and submitting their homework digitally, teachers are able to diversify their teaching instructions during the pandemic. Being flexible in teaching and learning methods helps minimise disruptions in classroom experiences during distance learning. Hence, it is important to use technology in classrooms continuously to build the habit and capacity to learn anywhere, anytime!

Using Frog Assignment to go digital with homework

Classroom experiences play an important role in setting up students for success and helps facilitate learning objectives and goals. Ideally, we want students to understand that they’re learners and that lesson comprehension is an important indicator that teaching strategies are effective and efficient.

If we want our students to be on par with other high-performing students in other countries, we need to ensure that learning happens as a part of a student’s daily routine whether or not face-to-face learning is in session!

To help teachers focus on facilitating lessons and to build a habit of using digital tools in learning, Assignment in Frog VLE can help save time with managing administrative tasks of the day!

Teachers can easily assign students homework within minutes after teaching without students needing to take a pen to paper. The best part? Marking digital homework can be easily done and shared as feedback for students.

Using Markbook in Frog VLE to keep track of student progress

One of the teaching strategies that all teachers use is to use data gained from observing student progress in their lessons as a measure for improving areas of student aptitudes and to refine teaching instructions. Markbook is the latest feature in Frog VLE that easily allows teachers to review classroom progress for online and offline assignments across the year.

Given the nature of the education system this year, this is a great tool to consolidate results of a students’ offline and online learning progress. If a teacher ever finds themselves needing to quickly shift between traditional and digital teaching strategies, all insights are conveniently managed and accounted for through Frog VLE!

Ready to assign homework and track student progress? Login to the Frog VLE to use Assignment and Markbook as the tool to support your teaching end-to-end!

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