An overview of our annual Leaps of Knowledge Conference aligned to our company’s HEART values. Featuring Varkey Foundation, international artist Red Hong Yi, child and family development specialist Racheal Kwacz, international psychologist and trauma specialist Dr Anjhula Mya Bais Singh, and more.

It was three weeks ago that FrogAsia organised its biggest Leaps of Knowledge conference yet! And by “big”, we mean:

Having some of the biggest names in the education and creative industry as keynote speakers

Nicholas Piachaud, Policy and Advocacy Manager of Varkey Foundation, shared about the global teacher status and how the Varkey Foundation aims to provide educators a platform to grow and be heard, and also to recognise and award passionate and dedicated educators across the globe through the Global Teacher Prize.

Puan Sri Sherina Leong-Aris, former teacher and passionate educationist, took the stage and warmed our hearts by sharing about the hardship she went through that led her to become a teacher. Her story resounded in all of us as we continue our journey towards making the world a better place through education.

Red Hong Yi, renowned international artist, introduced us to unconventional ways of creating beautiful works of art. She not only inspired us with her learning journey, but she also encouraged us to look and think outside the box in order to discover different ways to nurture learners and help them unlock their hidden potential.

Having thought leaders like Dr Anjhula Mya Bais Singh and Racheal Kwacz address big issues and topics such as examination stress and respectful parenting during seminar sessions

As an international psychologist and trauma specialist, Dr Anjhula Mya Bais Singh has raised eye-opening issues regarding the negative effects of examination stress on a student’s mental and emotional well-being. She then challenged us to rethink the concept of exams and how exams can be structured better to measure a student’s knowledge and progress.

With over 20 years of experience with children as a child and family development specialist, Racheal Kwacz blew us away with her passion towards the upbringing of children through respectful parenting. We were introduced to the Racheal Method, principles that help parents and educators raise kind, compassionate and resilient learners.

A big Playground of fun-filled, life-sized, hands-on games and activities that encouraged the 5Cs - collaboration, communication, creativity, critical-thinking and character

We constantly challenge ourselves to think big and do things differently so that everyone will have the best experience at Leaps of Knowledge, and this year was no exception! Participants stepped into a world of wonder and excitement through all the games and activities that not only encouraged the 5Cs, but also projected the core values that we live by and believe to be fundamental in transforming education. What are these values you ask?

A big, big HEART for education!

As Gandhi once said, “We need to be the change we want to see.” We believe it starts with conviction and it is the core values that we live by that keep us going. For us at FrogAsia, it begins with HEART.

Giving back to the community, in partnership with like-minded changemakers and organisations

Together with YTL Foundation, Pops Malaya, CzipLee, Leaderonomics, Pelangi Publishing Group and Me Books Asia, we reached beyond classrooms to bring education to communities in high-need areas.

Everyone at Leaps of Knowledge collectively contributed to our cause by filling up the Contribution Wall with stickers earned from playing at The Playground and unlocked Frog Classrooms, books, stationeries, learning materials, healthy treats and more for the two Community Centres set to be built in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur and Kampung Sion, Sarawak.

We believe that this is just the beginning for more partnership opportunities and we are looking forward to so much more as we continue working with educators and changemakers to bring a positive impact in classrooms, communities and countries.

Stay tuned to our channels as we are preparing for the next Leaps of Knowledge!

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