Frog is so simple, anyone can use it! Our drag-and-drop Site builder allows users to build a site in just a few clicks.


The Frog interface is colourful, sleek, and eye-catching – so that learning doesn’t have to be boring!


Frog is an interactive new way of learning that caters to different learning styles, not just one.

mydashboard2 My Dashboard:
Your personal dashboard that can be customised with drag-and-drop content.
calendar2 Calendar:
Manage your personal schedule with this handy tool.
booking calendar2 Booking Calendar:
View your school’s calendar, schedule meetings, and make bookings for labs, rooms and appliances.
bookshelf2 Bookshelf:
View your e-books here in a flipping book format.
schooldashboard2 School Dashboard:
All the news and announcements from your school.
resourcemanager2 Resource Manager:
A one-stop location for managing all your files, sites, and resources.
assignments2 Assignments:
Teachers can assign and mark homework while students are able to view and respond to assigned tasks.
departmental2 Departmental Sites:
Customisable sites for various school departments to showcase news and highlights.
sites2 Sites:
Create websites for your subject, class, club, or society with an easy-to-use builder and beautiful templates.
mydocs2 My Documents:
A personal storage space for files and documents that can be accessed from anywhere.
lesson resources2 Lesson Resources:
Store and access your teaching files from anywhere on the cloud.
schooldocs2 School Documents:
A place for schools to store documents such as permission forms, PTA meeting minutes, and more.
email2 Email:
Every Frog VLE user has an email account which is the same as your login name (Your Yes ID).
community2 Community:
Share ideas, get inspired, and receive feedback from other teachers.
pond2 The Pond:
Learn, Discover and Explore interesting, inspiring, and educational content at The Pond.
forms2 Forums:
Connect and share ideas on specific topics in forums.
frogstore2 FrogStore:
Your one-stop shop for downloading educational resources like e-books, media and Sites on Frog.
forms2 Form:
Create forms with an easy-to-use form builder to collect information from Frog VLE users.
quizzes2 Quiz:
Enhance your students’ homework with Quizzes and test their knowledge.
pinpoint2 Pin-Point:
Get your educational content like videos and images to be used within your site.
polls2 Polls:
Use the Poll to get opinions quickly and easily.
analytics2 Analytics:
Frog Admin can use this to track VLE usage.