Through the 1BestariNet project, FrogAsia is bringing the future of education to every student, teacher and parent in Malaysia. Combining high-speed 4G internet access, a world class learning platform and access to ‘best-in-class’ resources and technology, Malaysia is the first country in the world to bring its entire education community together on a single converged network designed specifically to meet the needs of teaching and learning.

For the first time in Malaysia, every child will have access to world-standard learning tools. An excellent education should be the right of every child. Now it can be.

You will not be charged any data costs while accessing Frog on our network, so you can enjoy unlimited access to your world of learning anytime, anywhere. 1BestariNet users can now enjoy exclusive Yes Prepaid Internet rates at 2.5 sen/MB compared to regular rates of 3 sen/MB. Your Yes ID also doubles up as a Google login, which means you don’t need to register for a separate ID to enjoy access to Google Chrome, the Chrome Web Store, Khan Academy, and more. That’s not all – your Yes ID also comes with a Yes Mail account powered by Google and Google Apps for Education. This allows you to easily share and collaborate through the cloud on Google Drive.

MOE Initiative visitytl_btn
1BestariNet is a project initiated by the Malaysian Ministry of Education in line with the government’s vision of providing quality, Internet-enabled education for all.
First in the world visitytl_btn
This project positions Malaysia as the first country in the world to connect schools all around the country on a single learning platform via an advanced 4G network.
10,000 schools visitytl_btn
Over 10,000 government schools around the country will be equipped with our solution, bridging the digital divide between rural and urban students.