Through the 1BestariNet project, FrogAsia is bringing the future of education to every student, teacher and parent in Malaysia. Combining high-speed 4G internet access, a world class learning platform and access to ‘best-in-class’ resources and technology, Malaysia is the first country in the world to bring its entire education community together on a single converged network designed specifically to meet the needs of teaching and learning.

For the first time in Malaysia, every child will have access to world-standard learning tools. An excellent education should be the right of every child. Now it can be.

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1BestariNet is a project initiated by the Malaysian Ministry of Education in line with the government’s vision of providing quality, Internet-enabled education for all. This project positions Malaysia as the first country in the world to connect schools all around the country on a single learning platform via an advanced 4G network. Over 10,000 government schools around the country will be equipped with our solution, bridging the digital divide between rural and urban students.